About HP Materials Solutions, Inc

HP Materials Solutions, Inc. is specialized in the field of high performance graphite
materials. We are engaged in research, development and manufacturing of a wide
range of high quality graphite based products for many industrial applications,
lubrications, high-temperature applications and brush manufacturing. We also offer
engineering consulting services for specific customer applications involving activated
carbon felt, graphite foil, graphite powder, graphite yarn, carbon fiber and flake

With our ISO90002 certified offshore manufacturing operations, we can consistently
offer a wide range of products at competitive prices. In addition, our extensive R&D
and manufacturing experience in the graphite industry enables us to deliver
graphite products that meet U.S. quality standards.

We pride ourselves on providing quality products, excellent service and competitive
prices. We sincerely invite you to
contact us should you have any further interest in
HP Materials Solutions, Inc. It would be our pleasure to respond to any inquiry.
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HP Materials Solutions, Inc.
5850 Canoga Ave, #400, Woodland Hills,  CA 91367, USA    
Tel: 1-888-375-1803  |  Fax: 818-626-8433  |  E-mail: support@hpmsgraphite.com