Flake Graphite & Graphite Powder

Graphite is one of three natural forms of carbon (the other two are diamond and coal). It is found naturally in metamorphic rocks in the form of lump, crystalline flake, and amorphous. The majority of natural graphite is produced as flake graphite, which can be further processed into powder graphite.

HPMS Graphite offers a full line of graphite flake and graphite powder products. The purity of our flake graphite and powder ranges from 85% to 99.995% carbon. And the particle size ranges from 3 μm to 500 μm.

Graphite is widely used in various industries for more than 30 applications due to its unique properties and characteristics. Our high quality flake graphite and powder can be used as an engineering material over a wide range of applications: Refractory, lubricants, coatings, plastics and rubber additive, graphite foil, carbon brushes, paint, pencil, metallurgy, batteries, and fuel cell.

Typical Properties of Flake Graphite and Powder
  • Black-gray in color.
  • Very light in weight.
  • Soft and highly refractory.
  • Excellent thermal stability with a melting point of 3650 °C.
  • Chemically inert.
  • Low coefficient of friction: it is self-lubricating.
  • High electrical conductivity: highest among all non-metals.
  • High thermal conductivity: comparable with copper and silver.
  • Low thermal expansion.