Spherical Graphite

Spherical Graphite with Carbon content ranging from 99% to 99.99%. Particle size ranging from D50 = 10 μm to 50 μm.

Produced through an advanced engineering process, our high purity spherical graphite is an ideal choice for Li-ion batteries and polymer-graphite composites. With the well-controlled particle sizes and particle size distribution, as well as the highly crystalline structure, the cycle life of the spherical graphite can reach up to 500 -1000 times.

Property Value
Fixed Carbon (%) > 99.95
Particle Shape Spherical
Particle Size D50: 10μm - 50μm
TAP Density (g/cc) > 1.0
BET Surface Area ≤4.5
Discharge Capacity (mAh/g) > 360
Coulomb Efficiency (%) > 90
Cycle Life (Times) 500 - 1000
Ash (%) ≤0.05
Moisture (%) ≤ 0.1

Special grades and particle sizes are also available on request. Please contact us for details.